Why More Is Different

Philosophical Issues in Condensed Matter Physics and Complex Systems

Cover Why More Is Different
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The physics of condensed matter, in contrast to quantum physics or cosmology, is not traditionally associated with deep philosophical questions. However, as science - largely thanks to more powerful computers - becomes capable of analysing and modelling ever more complex many-body systems, basic questions of philosophical relevance arise. Questions about the emergence of structure, the nature of cooperative behaviour, the implications of the second law, the quantum-classical transition and many other issues. This book is a collection of essays by leading physicists and philosophers. Each investigates one or more of these issues, making use of examples from modern condensed matter research. Physicists and philosophers alike will find surprising and stimulating ideas in these pages.

Prof. Brigitte Falkenburg
TU Dortmund, Germany

Prof. Margaret Morrison
University of Toronto, Canada.

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Cover Why More Is Different
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Veröffentlicht 2015, von Brigitte Falkenburg, Margaret Morrison bei Springer Berlin

ISBN: 978-3-662-43911-1
Auflage: 2015
Reihe: The Frontiers Collection
X, 280 Seiten

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