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Kurztext / Annotation
Hame, n. Scottish form of home : a valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin In the wake of the breakdown of her relationship, Mhairi McPhail dismantles her life in New York and moves with her 9-year-old daughter, Agnes, to the remote Scottish island of Fascaray. Mhairi has been commissioned to write a biography of the late Bard of Fascaray, Grigor McWatt, a cantankerous poet with an international reputation.But who was Grigor McWatt? Details of his past his tough childhood and his war years as a commando are elusive, and there is evidence of a mysterious love affair which Mhairi is determined to investigate. As she struggles to adapt to her new life, and put her own troubled past behind her, Mhairi begins to unearth the astonishing secret history of the poet regarded by many as the custodian of Fascaray s and Scotland s soul. A dazzling, kaleidoscope of a novel, Hame layers extracts from Mhairi s journal, Grigor s letters and poems and his evocative writing about the island into a compelling narrative that explores identity, love and the universal quest for home.

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Cover Hame
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Veröffentlicht 2017, von Annalena McAfee bei Random House

ISBN: 978-1-4735-4723-0
592 Seiten

Über Annalena McAfee

<b>Annalena McAfee </b>is the author of two novels, <i>The Spoiler </i>and <i>Hame.</i> She founded the <i>Guardian Review</i>, which she edited for six years, and was Arts and Literary Editor of the <i>Financial Times</i>.


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